Privacy Policy |

Protecting your data is a big responsibility that we, as the team understand very well.
We are working hard to protect your data, and our security team updates the security issues always. Here, we explain what data and why we collect them? In datasets are divided into two categories, Private and Public data.

Privacy Policy |

Private Data

Private data is a dataset in which your audience or other people haven’t any access to them at all, and we don’t share them with anybody.
In this category, we just know what is your name and email, and we use it to contact you for some common purposes like informing new updates, Changes, or rules.
Except for the name and email address, we get a password to protect your account and give the authority of editing your data just to you. Considering our complex security algorithms, We don’t save your password directly in our databases, and just an encrypted(changed to the random characters) version of your password is saved in the database, so, even we don’t know anything about your password too. These security algorithms are standard algorithms that are created and tested by expert persons. Considering the security reasons, we can’t tell anything about our algorithms.

Besides these datasets, we have analytical data too, which are not shared with anybody too.

Public Data

This data is illustrated on the map page through your QR Code, Link, or IFrame and everybody has access to them.

We will only use the QR code owner’s public data like location coordination, business categories, and other public information you show to everyone to manage our advertisements. We don’t save any kind of personal data of neither the QR code owner nor its users (except their IP for security reasons). However, after moving to the business stage, you can buy the subscription for your QR code and avoid any usage of your location for advertisement purposes. For now, everything is free and out of advertisement or business plan.

By registering on our website you approve that you accept these terms. However, We may use your email to send updates and news. We provide a stop bottom stop sending emails to you in all emails. You can use it whenever you want.

This privacy policy can be updated in future times. You will be informed about any changes by email. If you have an account on our server, Receiving privacy policy and Terms emails never can be stoped.