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Have you tried our Editable QR Codes to share your contact information? Watch this short video to get a clue.

Top 10 QR code makers from image
You will not just be able to create QR codes from the textual content. It is also possible to convert an image into a QR code. However, you need to make sure you are using the correct QR code generator to create it. Making QR codes from images in AddToQR If you are looking for […]
business card qr code
business card QR code
We suggest you look at the content table and check AddtoQR’s QR code section before starting to read about how to create QR codes for a business card. Using AddtoQR to create business card QR codes is easy and free. content table Why creating a QR code for business card is essential?QR codes hold almost […]
terms and conditions
Terms and Conditions
Free Usage Our current and base plan for all QR Codes is free. We don’t have any ads and no fees for any service at the moment. However, as we are growing, our costs grow too. So, we need to have some reliable resources. We are currently planning to introduce two kinds of plans. Free […]
How to share or add Multiple links in the Instagram bio
How to Generate QR Code in AddToQR
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