Top 10 QR code makers from image

You will not just be able to create QR codes from the textual content. It is also possible to convert an image into a QR code. However, you need to make sure you are using the correct QR code generator to create it.

Making QR codes from images in AddToQR

If you are looking for a QR builder to illustrate your contact information on a map based on your location, our editable QR maker is something you may prefer. It is free, and you have a straightforward design dashboard to design your QR codes as you wish, either by adding your logo or an image to the background. You can edit your information later in the dashboard and keep the same QR code working for you, which you may not need to re-print or re-share your contact information in the case of any mistakes. You can read more about its many other features (Navigation tool, social media and …) on the QR code page or watch the video below. However, to make your life easy, we recommend 10 of the best QR code image tools out there that you can use for general purposes. Anyone who has a need to create a QR code based on an image may start using one of them.

Illustrate your contact information using our free QR code tool


As the name suggests, QRcodedynamic is a tool that helps you create dynamic QR codes per your wish. If you want to generate a QR code photo, you may use this tool easily. It offers 13 different QR code types, including images. This tool has a free plan, which means that you can start using it without making a payment.

The user-friendly interface that you can see on QRcodedynamic is fully customizable. Even on the free plan, you will not see how the tool adds watermarks to the QR codes you create. If you come across any issues when creating a QR code, you can get the help of the customer support team. Unlike many other free-to-use image QR code generator tools, the dashboard of this tool doesn’t contain any advertisements.


You can create static and dynamic QR codes from photos with the help of QRTIGER. We can strongly recommend this tool to anyone looking for an ad-free QR code generator. The team behind QRTIGER is looking forward to delivering the best possible user experience to everyone. However, you should also keep in mind that the features available with the free plan of this QR code generator are quite limited. Hence, you will be restricted when you are using it.

It is better if you can use the accessible version of QRTIGER and understand the features coming along with it. Then you can make a payment and start using this QR code generator. It offers an easy-to-use interface, and you will never be confused when trying to generate a QR code from an image.


Anyone who wishes to get hold of a commercial QR code generator may take a look at QRStuff. It comes with the ability to help you create QR codes from an image. Even though this is a free tool, you will be getting some outstanding features out of it. For example, you will be free to create an unlimited number of QR codes without any advertisements.

After you convert a QR code picture, you can further customize it based on your preferences. For example, you will be able to adjust the design, color, and QR code size. The QR codes you generate with QRStuff can be printed on various products. T-shirts and mugs hold a prominent place in them.


Another simple QR code generator that comes with a user-friendly interface is CountWordsFree. You can simply go through a few clicks and create your own QR code with the help of this tool. Moreover, you can have your QR code available in multiple formats, including TIFF, PNG, GIF, and JPG. You will also have various options to generate the QR codes apart from images. They include email, link, message, or any other text. Even though you don’t see many advanced features, it will still help you get the basic job done.

The QR code photo generation experience you can get out of CountWordsFree is simple and hassle-free. Moreover, you can make sure that you will not have to download anything when you are using this tool as well.


Zint is an offline QR code generator. If you are interested in using a desktop tool that can function as an image QR code generator, you may consider using Zint. However, the functionality of Zint is not just limited to QR codes. You can use it to create many other types of codes, including Ultra Code, Code 39, DAFT Code, and VIN Code. After you create a QR code with Zint, you can save it in multiple file formats. They include BMP, EPS, SVG, GIF, and others. Therefore, we can recommend Zint as a QR code generator, which delivers many extra features compared to a traditional online QR code generator.

The software delivers a streamlined user interface to you as well. You will notice how many handy features are available with it. One of the key benefits you can get from this tool is the support it offers for symbols. Then you can create a link between a QR code and encoded data. The tool provides multiple symbologies for you to use as well.


GoQR is a feature-rich QR code generator available for you to use. However, it is still capable of delivering a somewhat user-friendly experience to you at the time of creating a QR code. If you want to convert QR code pictures into something you can print on physical products such as merchandise, you may think about using GoQR. For example, the QR codes you generate with this tool can be printed on t-shirts, bottles, business cards, and many other surfaces.

The team behind GoQR is also looking forward to introducing many new features to this QR code generator. You can keep your fingers crossed and start using it. When the new features are available, you can get the most out of them.


User-friendliness is the very first thing that will come to your mind when you visit the official website of Scanova to generate a QR code. As a result, we can recommend it as a tool to generate QR codes from photos without any prior experience. However, you need to make sure you have a registered account on Scanova so that you can download and start using the code.

By getting the paid plan of Scanova, you can unlock a large number of new and exciting features. In fact, it can deliver a more consistent experience to anyone with the paid plan. Since you just have to spend $9 a month, we strongly encourage you to do it as well.

QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey is a tool that is free for you to use. You can create a QR code from a photo and download it immediately from the website when using this tool. However, there are also a few paid plans available that offer advanced features. For example, if you want to create a dynamic QR code, you may think about using QR Code Monkey. It also helps you to create multiple QR codes and manage them under separate folders. By opening the respective folders, you will be able to visualize the overall performance of the QR codes that you have generated.

Beaconstac QR code Generator

Beaconstac is a free-to-use tool that you can use for QR code image generation. The website provides some helpful information, helping you start the QR code creation process. You may sign up for a trial account with Beaconstac to generate QR codes from an image by going through the details.

All the QR codes that you create with the help of Beaconstac will be flexible. In other words, you will have support for many different languages. On the other hand, the dashboard of Beaconstac provides detailed analytics with QR codes as well. If you take a look at the customer reviews of Beaconstac, you will notice that it is highly rated. That’s because Beaconstac is capable of delivering an outstanding user experience while guaranteeing satisfaction.

Shopify’s QR Code Generator

Shopify is well-known as an online store creation platform. However, you can use the same platform to generate QR codes from an image. This simple QR code generator allows you to create QR codes quite easily. Anyone who wishes to make a simple QR code out of an image fast may think about using it. You can also find some basic tracking and personalization features coming along with it. We can strongly recommend Shopify’s QR Code Generator for small businesses and individuals who wish to have a QR code in place out of an image.

Final words

These are the best tools that we can recommend as of now for anyone who is looking for an image QR code generator. You may use these tools, and you will surely end up getting the work done. Make sure you don’t look for the cheapest tool out there but go ahead with a priced tool. Then you can convert QR codes from photos without a lot of difficulty.