Terms and Conditions

Free Usage

Our current and base plan for all QR Codes is free. We don’t have any ads and no fees for any service at the moment. However, as we are growing, our costs grow too. So, we need to have some reliable resources. We are currently planning to introduce two kinds of plans. Free with ads and pricing plans without ads. However, it should be mentioned that before any changes in the planning or starting of these plans, we will let you know about this by email.

Free with Advertisments

You can use our services as a free service. However, as we said, we may need to satisfy our costs. If you choose to go on with the Free plan, we may show up some advertisements on the location page. We will try to create a design in which doesn’t affect and disturb your audience’s attention. Also, we won’t use their data to run our advertisements as we don’t save your audiences’ data except a simple counter, which saves the number of visits per public id. Again after starting the plan, we will inform you with an email.

Pricing Plans

If you don’t like to share advertisements on your location page, you can buy our pricing plans. We don’t plan to put a significant charge on this. However, the plans will be per one, three, six, and twelve months. For now, all the plans are free, and we will inform you before switching the plans. You can choose to either show advertisements or buy a plan.{“mode”:”full”,”isActive”:false}